Fertility Yoga & Meditation

Sherry Longbottom, RN, CYT

Fertility Yoga workshops are designed for women who are trying to enhance fertility before and/or during assisted reproductive technology (ART). This specialized class is small and very supportive. You will learn meditation techniques and restorative poses that you can practice in the comfort of your home and even your office. This type of yoga is very gentle and does not require any yoga experience.

The purpose of this class is to achieve a state of calmness where conception is most likely. Fertility Yoga is based on the principles of balancing hormones and increasing circulation (especially to the pelvic area and reproductive organs) while calming the mind, body and spirit. Renew your spirit and turn “on” the relaxation response during the restful, restorative poses and breath awareness of mindfulness meditation. The relaxation response is extremely important for your overall health, immune system, and enhancing fertility as research is suggesting!

According to Harvard Medical School research (Vol. 73, No.4), women who participate in mind-body programs which include yoga* are nearly 3 TIMES more likely to get pregnant!

*For best results, use a fertility-based yoga class in conjunction with medical treatment. Consult your doctor first before starting this or any exercise program.

Sherry is a registered nurse of twenty years with numerous certifications. Sherry practices as a holistic and integrative health practitioner blending specialized, restorative yoga with mindfulness meditation delivering an amazing mind, body, and soul experience that leaves you feeling calm, restored, and ready for the next step of your journey. Sherry has received the best training available and is blessed to share that with you and thankful to all of the ladies who continue to bless her life during their journey to motherhood. She has advanced training in mindfulness meditation from the world renowned UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, is certified in various forms of yoga (including prenatal & postnatal yoga), and has written many articles on the ways yoga and meditation can change your life and make you feel younger and slow the aging process. Sherry enjoys spending time with her family and sharing the exciting effects of yoga and meditation on fertility and overall health.

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