Financing Treatments

Insurance coverage for infertility evaluation and treatment varies widely for couples residing in the state of Florida. Some women have generous benefits that include testing/evaluation and treatment including In Vitro Fertilization while other insurance companies completely exclude any form of fertility evaluation or treatment. The majority of our patients have coverage for evaluation/testing but not for treatment. Knowing your benefits is an important component in deciding which treatment options are right for you.

Our staff will investigate your benefits but ultimately it is important for you to obtain information from your health insurance carrier by speaking to your customer service representative. The phone number is on the back of your card. Please request that you receive this information in writing to include benefits related to infertility evaluation and treatment. It is important to document the name of the insurance customer service representative and the date of your conversation. Once you receive the information in writing, please bring a copy to our office. It is also important to be aware of your copay and deductible requirements. We will provide you information about fees/costs for tests and treatment. While it can feel intimidating to deal with your insurance company, remember that you or your employer pay for your benefits and the insurance provider is mandated to give you accurate information. Ask specific questions and request your information be sent to you.

If your insurance does not include fertility benefits or your benefits are limited, options are available to help you afford testing and treatments. These programs include:

Loan Programs Through:




Attain IVF® Flex Plans

Shared Oocyte Donor Program