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Fulfilling your dream of having a family is not always easy. But it can be an exciting and hopeful time. Your biggest peace of mind should be knowing that the medical professionals you choose are the absolute best in their field. You can feel confident that, without a doubt, The Reproductive Medicine Group consists of the finest Reproductive Endocrinologists in the nation. Our distinguished group of physicians is the largest team in the Tampa Bay area in which all of the physicians are not only board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, but also board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

Trained at the top medical facilities in the country including Harvard, UCLA and Johns Hopkins, our vast medical expertise is evident in everything we do. Our physicians have consistently been selected by their peers as “Best Doctors in America”. We constantly participate in the most current research programs to bring breakthrough treatment technologies to our practice, and to our patients. The diplomas on our walls may show our excellence, but it’s our patients who give us the biggest rewards.

From the moment you begin your experience with The Reproductive Medicine Group, you should feel comfortable openly and honestly communicating with everyone in any of our offices. No matter how simple or complex your medical treatment, we pay particular attention to make sure you are treated with personal care every step along the way. Never hesitate to ask questions or take more time with any of our team members at the front desk or in the operating room.

Before undergoing any tests or treatment, you will have an in-depth candid meeting with your physician, who will review your reproductive history and medical evaluation, then clearly discuss treatment options. At The Reproductive Medicine Group, you and your partner are a vital part of the treatment equation; therefore we suggest the two of you attend this initial consultation. It’s also possible that you may need additional diagnostic testing before your physician can make a final recommendation.

If no further tests are requested, your physician will create an optimal treatment plan specific to your infertility situation and comfort level. Once you begin treatment, you may set up additional meetings with your physician to discuss any issues or concerns about your progress or an upcoming procedure. Even when you aren’t seeing your doctor, please know your physician will be monitoring your treatment. Our nurses will be in constant contact with your physician at all times, following your progress.