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Use of Anonymous Donor Sperm (Artificial Insemination)

Therapeutic-donor insemination (TDI) is when a woman uses an anonymous sperm donor to become pregnant.  This is also called artificial insemination using donor sperm.  Using donor sperm is an option for:

Furthermore, semen problems include:

  • Obstructive causes, such as blockages of the ejaculatory ducts.
  • Non-obstructive causes, like testicular failure.
  • The absence of sperm.

Selecting A Donor Sperm Bank

First, a patient or couple decides to use donor sperm for a planned IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF procedure. Next they purchase the sperm from a sperm bank.

The Reproductive Medicine Group requires the use of sperm banks that are registered with the FDA.  In addition, these sperm banks must meet the FDA required risk factor screening.

The staff at The Reproductive Medicine Group provides our patients with information from the recommended donor sperm banks, so that they may begin their donor search.

Artificial Insemination Process Using Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm (TDI, or Artificial Insemination) Process:

The first step for a woman or couple that plan to use a sperm donor is to complete preconception and prenatal screening.

This includes:

  • Fertility testing to determine ability to conceive.  As a result, any potential fertility problems will be identified.
  • Medical exam & history
  • Prenatal blood work
  • Psychological clearance

Afterwards, our patients and physicians work together to create a fertility treatment plan that is based on their medical history and fertility needs.  Before treatment, they also must:

  1. Select an anonymous sperm donor from one of the recommended donor sperm banks.
  2. Establish an account/profile with the selected donor sperm bank
  3. Schedule an appointment to review treatment, sign consents, and make a sperm donor selection.  Finally, if a patient has a partner, both of them will need to attend this appointment.

Have You Decided to Use Donor Sperm for Artificial Insemination?

Important Information for You to Select a Sperm Donor:

STOP!  Before you select a sperm donor from a donor sperm bank:

  • First, PLEASE try to find a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of sperm donors. (They can be with one or various sperm banks)
  • Above all, we CANNOT accept specimens ordered by you.  Therefore, you must establish your account prior to treatment.
  • Finally, you must request that RMG order your specimen at the beginning of each treatment cycle.

Listed below are some recommended donor sperm banks.