Affording Treatment

At The Reproductive Medicine Group our financial and billing specialists are experienced in assisting you to navigate and understand your benefits. Insurance coverage for infertility evaluation and treatment varies widely for couples residing in the state of Florida. Some employers offer plans that cover comprehensive fertility evaluation and treatment options including IVF while other plans completely exclude coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. At The Reproductive Medicine Group , we understand how frustrating it can be when your health insurance denies coverage. As such, we have affiliated with several financing and grant programs to help you move forward with your care. In addition, we offer a global fee for self pay IVF patients which significantly reduces the price of an IVF cycle. Our shared oocyte program allows qualifying women age 33 and younger to donate some of their oocytes sharing the fees of the IVF cycle with the recipient couple, significantly reducing their cost.

As a result of our outstanding pregnancy rates, The Reproductive Medicine Group has been selected by IntegraMed as the only provider in the Tampa area to offer the new Attain IVF® Flex Plans, also known as the 3 plus program, offering 100% IVF Refund. The program allows qualifying couples to attempt up to 3 fresh IVF cycles and unlimited frozen embryo transfers for a flat fee paid to IntegraMed (medications purchased separately). If the program is unsuccessful, you may receive up to a 100% refund. The 100% refund program is also available for couples using donated eggs. According to IntegraMed’s statistics, 92% of couples completing the program have become parents. Please click here for an in depth look at the Attain IVF Flex Plan, the Attain IVF Refund Plan, and the Attain IVF Core Plan offered at The Reproductive Medicine Group for customers using their own eggs and using donor eggs.


The Reproductive Medicine Group has secured agreements with several financing companies to provide loans for qualifying fertility patients. In addition, while competitive, several foundations offer grants for couples who may not qualify for loan programs. An application with essays submitted to the foundation may be required.

To find our more information or to see if you qualify for one of the programs, click on the programs below for a detailed description.

  • IVF Fees – please contact the RMG billing office at 813-676-8850