Donor Egg Program

The Reproductive Medicine Group offers a comprehensive donor egg program. Donor eggs allow a woman whose own eggs are no longer healthy or have been depleted, to experience pregnancy and birth. This program benefits women, who for a variety of reasons, can’t produce their own eggs or produce eggs with diminished fertility potential. The pregnancy rates for donor egg are 50% per cycle, In cases of reduced male fertility, intracytoplasmic sperm injection is often used in the egg fertilization process.

During the egg donation procedure, eggs are retrieved from a donor’s ovaries, fertilized in the laboratory with the sperm of the recipient’s partner and one to two of the resulting healthy embryos are returned to the recipient patient’s uterus. Additional healthy embryos, if available, can be cryopreserved.

At The Reproductive Medicine Group, anonymous donors come from all ethnic backgrounds and are between 20 and 32 years old.   We adhere to FDA regulations and the guidelines for screening donors that we follow have been set by The American Society For Reproductive Medicine. Our program compensates donor’s $4,000.00 at the completion of a cycle.

Please Click Here to complete our secure online Oocyte Donor Form.

The Reproductive Medicine Group also offers a Split Donor program. This program allows an appropriate female going through IVF to donate half of her retrieved eggs to another couple also under going an IVF cycle who require donated eggs. The donor and recipient remain anonymous. The donating couple receives a reduced cost for their IVF cycle. The recipient couple also pays a lower fee since some of the cycle costs are shared. Please schedule a consult with one of our physicians for further information on this program.