IVF - Getting Started

Your guide to the steps leading up to IVF/ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)

Appropriate medical testing is required prior to scheduling your in-vitro fertilization cycle. Results of the screening tests will allow your physician to select the most appropriate therapy and protocol to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant. The following outline is designed to give you an overview of the preliminary ART process.

    1. Initial evaluation with your physician:

Includes a comprehensive review of your medical history, past records and a current physical exam.

      1. Please be sure to bring copies of your records, x-rays, prior surgical reports and laboratory information to your initial visit. If you have had an IVF cycle at another clinic, please bring in your cycle stimulation sheets and embryo information.
      2. As you may spend time not only with your physician but also with our nurses and counselors, please allow up to 2 hours for your initial visit.
    1. Requirements for patients undergoing ART:
      1. Please review “Pre-IVF Testing/Procedures” insert outlining the tests necessary prior to undergoing IVF.
      2. Pay $450 deposit to be placed on the IVF list after tests have been completed.
      3. Review the enclosed blue consent forms and information about embryo cryopreservation.
      4. Sign up to attend our free, mandatory, Patient Education seminar.

PLEASE NOTE: The use of donor oocytes is necessary for patients undergoing IVF who are beyond the age of 43.

    1. Prior to your 2nd physician consultation appointment, please review:
      1. Consent forms for In-Vitro Fertilization, ICSI, and Assisted Hatching which are the most common procedures performed. Also, please review the information regarding Embryo Cryopreservation. You may require additional forms depending upon your specific procedure.
      2. Price list for In-Vitro Fertilization and related procedures. Costs are described in detail including professional fees, medication costs and facility charges. Separate price sheets are available for donor oocyte IVF, and surrogacy.
      3. General information published by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
      4. Updated pregnancy rates from our program.
    2. 2nd Consultation with Physician:
      1. You and your physician will review the results of your preliminary tests to determine your treatment plan.
      2. Mock trial transfer is performed to measure the uterine cavity. You are to have a full bladder for this in-office procedure.
      3. Review and sign consent forms.
      4. Payment of remaining fees (if no insurance coverage) is due at the time consent forms are signed.
    3. Attend Patient Education Night:

Patient education nights are held the third Tuesday of every month, addressing general information concerning the ART program.

  1. Meet with ART Nurses:
    1. You and your partner will have a consult visit with one of our ART/IVF coordinators to go over your specific protocol, discuss what to expect during your ART cycle, receive your prescriptions and get detailed information regarding your medications and injection techniques.
    2. The nurses are available for your questions and to provide support during your cycle.


It is our ultimate goal to help you become pregnant with a healthy child!