Patient Resources

Couples struggling with infertility experience a myriad of emotions most of which are challenging. Many couples spend years trying to avoid conception and are shocked when becoming pregnant does not occur as quickly or easily as they expected. As each month passes without success, a process that begins as exciting and hopeful becomes increasingly frustrating and confusing. In addition to an overwhelming sense of frustration, feelings of anger, sadness, inadequacy, guilt and hopelessness often occur. Sometimes it seems that everyone else is either pregnant or pushing a baby stroller.

At The Reproductive Medicine Group, we are sensitive to your emotions and understand. We know that we can assist the vast majority of our patients to conceive. For couples who are open to all of the available options, with the appropriate evaluation, education, support, and treatment, virtually all of our patients are able to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Some couples conceive following a hysterosalpingogram or surgery, others are successful with the use of fertility medications with insemination; many achieve pregnancy through in vitro fertilization or third party reproduction; some patients chose adoption. We are committed to helping our patients understand and navigate their best and the most appropriate pathway to achieving parenthood.

As such, we hope you will consider the vast array of resources available to help you survive the challenges of infertility and move from confusion to knowledge, frustration to confidence and despair to hope. Believe Conceive!