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How much do fertility treatments cost?

Infertility Cost and Pricing at The Reproductive Medicine Group

We understand that our new and potential patients have questions regarding cost.  When determining the cost of fertility treatment, patients must look at:

Cost = [Fertility Treatment cost] minus [Insurance Coverage].

Since most patients have coverage for their initial consultation through their insurance, the first visit is whatever their copay cost or deductible requires them to pay in order to see a fertility specialist.

Many patients also have coverage for fertility testing through their insurance as well.  If we are contracted through your insurance and you have fertility coverage, your cost will be your copay or deductible cost.

Anything else is extremely difficult to predict without an infertility diagnosis and plan of treatment.  Basic fertility treatment costs, like the cost of IUI, can be a few hundred dollars.  Advanced treatments, like IVF, can cost thousands.

Most couples, over 80 percent, will be able to get pregnant with basic fertility treatments.  Many couples are surprised at how affordable these costs are, especially compared to the cost of IVF.

The Reproductive Medicine Group has secured agreements with several financing companies to provide loans for qualifying fertility patients.

How Much Does IVF (In-Vitro fertilization) cost in Tampa, Florida?

IVF (In-Vitro fertilization) cost at The Reproductive Medicine Group

Over 70 percent of Florida patients with a health care plan have insurance coverage for their initial consultation. Empower yourself by knowing what your fertility options are. Not every patient will need IVF (In Vitro fertilization).

It’s hard to give a specific cost of fertility treatment for several reasons. First, you may have insurance that covers part, some, or all of your fertility testing, medication, and treatment. You may have deductibles to meet, coinsurance, copays, or all of the above. Your coverage may be through a different company for fertility medications. Secondly, all fertility treatments are based on infertility diagnosis and a specific patient’s needs. Make sure you refer to your individual plans and benefits to better understand your cost and payments.

Maybe you are a cash pay patient, or you’d like to better understand the cost of IVF (In Vitro fertilization). Below, you will find average cash pay costs (discount is included) and “ballpark” figures. Please always refer to your insurance plan, benefits, coverage, and remember that your individual fertility plan may be different based on your exact treatment needs.

The Reproductive Medicine Group offers two financing options: fertility loans and the ARC Refund Program. Another option, to reduce costs or fund IVF (In Vitro fertilization) or other fertility treatments is to become a split donor IVF patient.  This would essentially share the cost of IVF with another couple who needed donor egg.  This program is available to patients who are medically appropriate for the program and must go through the donor approval process.

Cost of infertility treatment at The Reproductive Medicine Group, Tampa.

IVF Prices & Cost Estimates at The Reproductive Medicine Group

Seeking a fertility specialist – Reproductive Endocrinologist – is not a decision based on pricing, although finances are important to each patient. It is important to consider success rates, quality of care, and medical training and board certification in infertility testing, treatments, and surgery. Please review The Reproductive Medicine’s Group Success Rates for our clinic.

IVF Prices – please contact the RMG billing office at 813-676-8850
with any additional questions

At The Reproductive Medicine Group, our financial and billing specialists are experienced in assisting you to navigate and understand your benefits so that you may understand the cost of fertility treatment out of pocket.

The Reproductive Medicine Group, with four locations in Western Central Florida, has 5 board certified fertility specialists locally to help guide you in your journey to becoming pregnant. Call today at 813-914-7304 to make an appointment at our North Tampa, South Tampa, Clearwater, or Brandon offices, or click here to schedule an appointment.

Remember, over 70 percent of patients have coverage for their first visit.

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