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Experiencing infertility can be stressful and frustrating. At the Reproductive Medicine Group, we recognize the emotional impact this time can have on a couple. For this reason, we have developed a Patient Mentoring Program.

Infertility is a club we never ask to join, yet along the way, we find that we meet other amazing women who know this part of us better than anyone else. This journey can be really hard, to try and do it alone.

The program provides an opportunity for new patients to speak with someone who has been through similar experiences. Sharing information with someone who understands your situation offers insight into the realities of fertility treatment from a patient’s perspective, both medically and emotionally. That is the role of our Patient Mentors – these volunteers are current or past patients of The Reproductive Medicine Group who would like to share their infertility experience and personal history with you.

The Reproductive Medicine Group has an active Facebook site providing information about events, media, and fertility updates. Visit www.facebook.com/reproductivemedicinegroup and like us to join our patient community forum.

To participate in the program as either a Mentor or Mentee, please ask for a registration form at one of our offices, or call Donya Deluca at 813-914-7304 x1239 for more information. You may also print out the forms below. You must print out the “Authorization to Release Protected Health Information” and the “Confidentiality Agreement” form, along with either the Mentor or Mentee Registration form.

Please fill out and mail the 3 signed forms back to: Donya Deluca, The Reproductive Medicine Group, 5245 E. Fletcher Ave. Ste 1, Tampa, FL 33617.

  1. Authorization to Release Protected Health Information and the Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Patient Mentee Registration Form
  3. Patient Mentor Registration Form
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