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  • PGS/PGD vs. Genetic Screening
    Welcome to the Voice of Vitro, a blog written by a nurse with the hope to serve as a point of reference and encouragement for patients […]
  • Paying for Parenthood
    Infertility treatment costs aren’t cheap, but assistance is available Related Topics: Dr. Betsy McCormick Discusses Egg Freezing and the Possibility of Your Employer Paying for the […]
  • Infertility Myths Debunked
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  • Vitamin D May Improve PCOS
    Related Topics: Dr. Goodman is interviewed about PCOS, What It Is and What Can Be Done PCOS – Common Disorder a Major Cause of Infertility Let’s […]
  • The Reproductive Medicine Group Selected for Veterans Discount Program
    Only Tampa Bay area infertility clinic to take part in “Serving Our Veterans” Program TAMPA, Fla. – The Reproductive Medicine Group is pleased to announce that […]